Paper cut - Workshop - 8th April, 2017 - BERLIN


During the 4 hour workshop you will:

  • Be guided to learn the technique of paper cutting by using a designed template pattern.
  • Use the skills you have learned to discover your own creative way to design a paper-cut background.
  • At the end of the workshop you will have practical techniques and insights to continue yourself.

Workshop-Level : Beginner

All materials are included and will be provided.

Original Price: 60,00 € incl 19% MwSt.
Special Price: 49,00 € incl 19% MwSt. (with the Code: LUCILAWEB)

Where can I input the code, where can I register? send us an email with the subjet: LUCILAWEB

Book yourself in:

Or please send me an email: LUCILABISCIONE@GMAIL.COM


Duduá Barcelona, 16 de Abril 2016

Lucila Biscione especialista en paper cut (o papel calado) es argentina pero vive en Berlín. Hoy llega a Bcn para impartir mañana sábado por la mañana un taller de introducción a la técnica del paper cut.
Trabajaremos sobre una pequeña ilustración de su autoría con una rica propuesta de cortes y texturas. El fondo de la ilustración no está dibujado así que cada alumno tiene la posibilidad de terminarlo conforme a lo aprendido en la primera parte del workshop. Aprovecha que no la tenemos en Bcn todos los días!

Argentina, Noviembre 2015

Some years ago I met Maria Montiel in a very special drawing workshop in Argentina. Right now I am living in Berlin, Germany. A few weeks ago Maria approached me with the proposal to hold a papercut workshop together in Buenos Aires. Which we did! I would like to share with you some images of what happened that afternoon and I'm enormously grateful for the exchange and experience with the whole group. It was really inspiring. Sprout, Nature paper.